Our Story

Resolu was founded by Peter Baker, this is a brief story of how Resolu came into being.
While Peter was working in the PrePress area of the printing industry computers matured and made a massive impact by replacing the highly skilled staff with the use of Desktop Publishing. Peter had the opportunity of learning these new computer systems but instead he decided to move into the Information Technology field to master them rather than to be replaced by them.
Having been fully trained in Microsoft technologies Peter moved directly into managing a small business computer network in, of all places, the printing industry. This progressed into working as a consultant for small to medium business service providers, then onto managing a managed services department and then as a 2IC to the CIO of a large corporation.

Over the past two decades in the industry Peter has experienced first-hand  how businesses relied heavily on Information Technology and where they were let down by poor services and poor skills in delivering what they needed. This was where Peter fully understood what was meant by the common statements of "The disconnect between business and IT!" and "the inability to bridge the gap between business and IT."

Resolu was born out of what Peter experienced over those years and what businesses needed to be effective and efficient in this fast paced world.
You will probably have seen or heard of the costs businesses bare from failed or over budgeted projects. It does not have to be like this! This is one of the core beliefs of Resolu and is what they aim to resolve for their clients.
ReSoLu are determined to change the all too common belief that IT has to be expensive, complicated and problematic.
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